Problem to Solve: 
Deliver need-to-know information at-a-glance as I head out the door. This means the information needs to be delivered without prompt (for those times that even yelling out to Alexa will waste too much time). 
An automatic updating WIFI device gathering information like traffic commute times and the current temperature outside, answering the questions like Do I Need a Coat or Do I Need a Detour. The information is displayed in a simple LED array that uses super basic forms of communication ex. green = good. 

Current DINA Modes:
Do.I.Need.A.Coat : Integrates in with the Wunderground API. Updates every 5 minutes with current "feel like weather" specified by Zipcode. Shown as a temperature dial and light indication.
Do.I.Need.A.Detour: Integrates in with the Google Maps Matrix API. Updates every 5 minutes with current estimated travel time plus traffic delays based on input for origin and destination. 
Build Details
DINA is powered by the Arduino Yun. Why the Yun? Using the dual-processor setup I was able to easily integrate the NEOPIXEL LED array in with the ATMEL microcontrollor. Utilizing the bridge library I was able to open up serial communication to the linux processor to prompt the API calls to gather traffic times and temperatures, parse the response, and send them back to the ATMEL. 
Main based and smaller parts were designed in Autodesk Inventor and 3D printed. The remaining acrylic pieces were laser cut. 
Want to learn more? Check out my Instructables giving details about the temperature mode of DINA. Here: 
Current Status:
DINA is currently being used and evaluated with several different beta testers. The question to answer at this point is, what is the best way for DINA to deliver information and what further information to people want to receive. 
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